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Event Catering


Fancy a South African Twist at your next event?
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The Durban Grill offers a great twist on your standard event catering. We are able to cater for your next big event, weddings and everything in between. We are happy to work with you to deliver the best dishes and standards for your chosen event and are able to create a bespoke package to suit your needs. Some examples of our dishes are listed below:

• Ostrich Fillet served with Maize Meal and Creamed Spinach

• Smoked Hickory and Applewood Buffalo Kebabs with Butternut Chakalaka

• Grilled Halloumi in a Spinach Pressed Tortilla with Butternut Chakalaka

• Crocodile and Mango Bunnychow

• Nyama Spiced Zebra Steak with Apricot and Rooibos Sambal

• Cape Malay Chicken Curry with Tumeric Rice

• South African Boerewors Roll

• Wild Ostrich Burger with Stilton Mayo and Black Treacle Bacon

• Piri Piri Chicken Wrap with Curried Pineapple

• Cape Malay Bobotie

• Peach and Pepper Bunnychow

and many more...

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If you would like to contact us in regards to booking us at your event, wedding, party etc then please either fill out the form to the left or give us a call on the number below. 

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